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Council Votes Yes to Amalgamation

At the February 7th, 2018 monthly meeting, Council unanimously voted to proceed with amalgamation as long as up to 5 other incorporated communities agree to amalgamate.


The Municipality of Lower Montague,
Prince Edward Island

This website was developed in 2015 to provide information to the community and provide an avenue for residents to communicate with the council via email. Initially the website will feature this home page, Lower Montague History, Council Information, Local Businesses and News & Events pages. To read our Council Minutes, click here. To read our Lower Montague Bylaws page, click here.

Lower Montague is primarily a rural community, located to the east of the Town of Montague in the Province of Prince Edward Island, Canada.

The Community of Lower Montague was incorporated in 1974. Lower Montague forms the major part of Lot 59 which has a population of 1285 (2006 Census).

Lower Montague is located in Provincial Electoral District #4 and in the Federal Riding of Cardigan.
The community is governed by an elected Council and Chair, and has a part-time administrator.
For more information on the Council – check the Council information page.

Municipality of Three Rivers Proposal Information

NOTE: This information is still DRAFT, as these are only the recommendations of the committee, and none of these numbers are set in stone. Future tax rates and other decisions will ultimately be the decision of the elected council

To read these documents online click here.

Documents and Bylaws

Looking for a documents and bylaws for the community of Lower Montague? Click here.